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The true test of character is not how you act on your best days but how you act on your worst days 

– Lined/Notebook Journal

Equiping the next generation

After School Programme

The After School Programme takes place week days from Tuesday-Thursday From 3:00pm-5:00pm

In School Programme

The In School Programme takes place from March-August annually.

Brief history

The Goal is an NPC (Non Profit Company),It was founded by Hubert Tiger and Randall Dubell in 2006. We are based at the Eldorado Park Stadium and the Programme takes place at The Goal’s Legacy Park. It is managed by a dynamic group of young people; who are passionate and live to bring about change in their community. We focus on Literacy and Character Education using football as a catalyst to acthieve this. We target primary school learners between the ages 6-12 as well as high school learners between the ages 13-18. We currently have 300 registered visitors and an average attendance of 50 regular participants. Our programme also does not discriminate between boys and girls, and promote programmes and lessons that encourage gender eqaulity.

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