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After School Program

our missionThe ASP is our flagship program and takes place Tuesdays-Thursdays at 3:00pm-5:00pm. We play small sided football games based on the Football 3 methodoly from 3:00pm-4:00pm, then head off to our different classes for our reading sessions and character lessons. The participants are challenged and given the opportunity to implement the character lessons that they have been taught or display character traits like Fairness, Resposibility etc. during the small sided football games. There is no referee so participants have no choice but to resolve their differences during the match and as quickly as possible, as no time will be added.

Infinity Reading

infinity readingThe Infinity Reading Program Takes place during our ASP (After School Program) and is focused on improving the participant's reading skills as well as improving their literacy. We also conduct initial reading assessments, and assessments on a monthly basis. The reading program divides participants into their age groups and provides them with grade level reading and studying material. These class sessions takes place on a weekly basis. We are also hosting our first Spelling Bee on the 13 July 2016. It will be hosted at The Goal Legacy Park from 9:00am-1:00pm

In School Program

Our ISP (In School Program) takes place annually at five schools in Eldorado Park. It is an 11 week program our focus is character education, and it impacts 1500 participants. There is a demand for us to work in the other surrounding schools as well as to increase our contact sessions at the schools we are currently working in. However the team is aware of their capacity and acknowledges that they have to work according to the initial goals and objectives in order to achieve optimal results. We would like to expand our program to the entire community surrounding communities in the next five years so that we can reach and shape the more of our youth, and lead them to be citizens of character.

Holiday Program

The Goal's holiday program, is one of our most exiting features. We host tournaments annually and it usually takes place during the school holidays. The theme of this quarter's tournament is titled The Goal Race, it's based on the television show the Amazing Race, our participants will face various challenges throughout the day and the teams will face off in head to head small sided football games. The tournament starts at 9:30am-14:20pm on 15 July 2016. We will also have various special guests like Josea Garcia (professional football player), The Craftsmen and one of South Africa's finest DJ's DJ Levi, DJ Levi broke on to the South African Music scene with his new hit single "COULD IT BE" and will also deliver live music performances throughout the day.