After School Program


Development Through Football

Our ASP takes place Tuesdays through Thursdays from 3:00pm-5:00pm. It is a development through football program. We have developed a curricullum that forms the character of our participants. These character lessons are inter linked with our small sided football games; where participants are challenged to implement the lessons that they have been taught. Our reading program reinforces the lessons that were taught through out the week, reading assessments are conducted at twice a month.We believe in the power of football and education to bring about positive social change. We are developing the next generation of leaders who will lead by example. We are committed to creating a better world for all.

What drives us?

Equiping The Next Generation

The Goal knows that to be at the tipping point of change young people need to be equipped to lead. Our strength and capacity is in our partnerships with international organizations and local schools, civic organizations and a committed staff and volunteer team working tirelessly to realize our mission. We identified that our children were struggling with reading at their appropriate age, finding time to do their schoolwork (because of a lack of conducive learning environment at home and exposure to risky behavior within the community) and subsequently contributing to failure and inability to progress to the next grade.


Brief History


The Goal was founded to reclaim and provide children and youth with alternative activities to meet their developmental needs. Eldorado Park's children, like many other communities are threatened by a diverse social ills and innovative solutions are required to create safe spaces for children and youth. The Goal believed that through football social transformation is a possibility. The Goal started out by implementing the Grassrootsoccer life skills and informal small sided football games and reached thousands of learners through our school partnership programme. The team soon realized that we needed to redefine our priorities and structure our programmes to meet the challenges our children and youth were facing. Children in most communities are vulnerable after school and that block of time became a focus and our flagship after school programme emerged through this reality.

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