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Why Football?

our mission“…Football has a positive effect on those who play it, both in terms of health (physical activity) and life skills (the values of team sport). But beyond that the game serves as an effective tool in community programmes for social development…”Federico Addiechi, Head of FIFA Corporate Social Responsibility.

Why Football?

better world“It is this passion for football that enables it to have a broader impact on the lives of millions around the world, particularly children. Football and the FIFA World Cup can promote improved health and education for the world’s children, prevention of HIV/AIDS and, yes, a child’s right to recreation.” Kofi Annan, Former UNO General Secretary.

Why Literacy

Literacy is a right. There is extensive reference to the positive impact of literacy on self-esteem. Literacy may empower learners – especially women.

Description of Organizational Structure

The Goal has a strong accountability structure with regard to organizational leadership and decision-making. The Strategic Team focuses on operations and sets organizational direction, the organizational Board holds the strategic team accountable and they are responsible to ensure organizational sustainability, Our programme team takes care of the daily implementation of programmes , Volunteer Team have diverse responsibilities but they are seen and understood as the life force of the team and our Administrative Team ensures good practices and alignment of good governance, The Board: 7 members, 3 The Goal and 4 independent members. Meets Quarterly. Strategic Team: Meets monthly to set direction and review progress and focus on organizational priorities. Administrative Team: Responsible for the creation and management of organizational infrastructure, human, fiscal, fundraising and physical resources. Volunteer Team: Primary purpose is programme operation and community outreach.